Motivational Speaking

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Bernard Williams Pro Techniques

Throughout my career I have had many failures from which I had to learn in order to grow and become successful.  I was able to re-direct my life path by surrounding myself with the right people, writing goals for myself, and working hard to stay on the path to success among the many distractions.  I have had to learn how to accept and work through learning disabilities, competitive disadvantages, and personal mistakes in order to “win my race.”  
​My goal is to educate youth, through personal experiences, on the importance of education, goal-setting, positive social interactions, establishing personal values, hard-work, and managing success.    I encourage students to make good decisions, live a healthy lifestyle, and respect everyone they encounter in order to set themselves up for a successful future. 

For more information, please send me an email through the contact link or give me at call at (352) 328-9489.